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Coach Brendon

For 12 years Coach Brendon has been mentoring players in the game of soccer. He has worked within several soccer academies in southwestern Ontario.  After spending two years in England, coach Brendon is back to share his knowledge and expertise with local Brantford players.

1 on 1's Available - Sundays and Wednesdays

Coach Dexter

Coach Dexter is a semi-pro player with Miami Academy.  During his off-season he returns to Brantford to join our summer camps and share his experience with the local youth.  Check out his profile on our local player spotlight.  

Unavailable - Training in Miami, FL

Coach Corrado

Coach Corrado is an enthusiastic young coach here at UST.  As a player he has had great success winning championships with St. Johns Collegiate as well as lifting the Grand River Grail at our Sobeys 6v6 tournament.

Unavailable - Attending Western University

Coach Pat

Coach Pat has a wealth of experience and ability to share.  Scoring goals and taking names in the BMSL as well as lighting it up for the Brantford Galaxy men's team, anytime a player steps on the pitch they learn something new when Pat is around. 

1 on 1s Available


Coach Connor cheers for the worst team... Arsenal!  But we still love him.  As a goalkeeper for Victory FC, Connor racks up clean sheets in the Brantford Men's Soccer League.  Contact him to arrange some GK sessions.

1 on 1's Available Wednesdays

Coach Brody - Speed Development

Want to develop speed?  Coach Brody is on staff to workshop player movements and running mechanics.  

Contact regarding availability

Coach Marcus - Junior Coach

An outstanding player with the Brantford Galaxy U17 team, Coach Marcus has great skills to match his personality.  Cheer him on while playing for Assumption, Brantford Galaxy or Victory FC. 

GOALKEEPING - Coach Alex Borsos

Coach Alex has worked hard to establish a reputation for excellence in goalkeeping.  If you want to take your game to the next level contact him for development.

Contact Regarding Availability

Tournament Director - Alex Ferro

Our new tournament director here at UST.  Keep your eyes open for a tournament every Christmas and every Summer.

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Coach Tenn

Coach Tenn is an OG legend here at UST.  He has had a hand in developing both players and coaches throughout the community.  His philosophy towards the game has inspired many young athletes to improve their game and better their lives.  

1on1s Available

Coach Mitch

Coach Mitch grew up playing soccer in Brantford.  He is a proud product of Brantford Galaxy and UST soccer.  Recently Mitch has joined the ranks of the Victory FC men's league team here in town.  He has an arsenal of outrageous juggling moves to share.  Ask him to show you the Engelfield Hurricane! 

Unavailable - Attending University of Waterloo

Coach Andrew

Coach Andrew is an experienced staff member here at UST.  He enjoys hyping up kids at soccer camp and taking our young players to the next level.From Jailbreaker to Sweedish Fish he has 100s of fun activities that develop excellent fundamentals for youth players.  Enjoy your time in Waterloo Coach!  

Unavailable - Attending University of Waterloo

Coach Megan

Coach Megan loves soccer and has been playing for 6 years. She has played forward, midfield and defence.  Some of her highlights include winning the SRSL league cup in 2009 and winning BCSAA in 2010 with the BCI Mustangs.

Contact regarding availability


Coach Matt is an outstanding teacher and coach.  Each spring you can find him on the side lines of the Assumption College lions encouraging high school kids towards glory.   You can also look for him to feature in our house league and small group training sessions whenever a goalkeeping coach is required.

Contact regarding availability

Coach Michael

Guru Mikey is the real brain here at UST.  His understanding of the game and attention to detail surpass most.  Learn from him whenever possible.

Unavailable - Attending Algoma U

Coach Joey - Junior Coach

Coach Joey has grown up playing soccer through Brantford Galaxy soccer club.  He now spends his time in the summer giving back by coaching in the Brantford Galaxy House League program.  

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Unbelievable goalkeeping ability.  Just try scoring a PK on him.  Coach Jeff features at our Christmas and March Break camps as well as GK programs.

Contact regarding availability

Registrar - Sandra

Sandra coordinates our programs here at UST.  She is your contact for anything program related and would love to hear from you with any questions, concerns, or feedback that you have!

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Coach Spotlight


UST is passionate about developing soccer players in Brantford and surrounding areas.  From growing up playing soccer in Brantford we have experienced the joy of playing the beautiful game.  We believe that players should achieve two things every single time they step onto a soccer pitch: improved ability in the game and a huge smile on their face (like Ronaldinho).  If either of those components are missing for a player at any level, something is wrong.  We believe that players should be encouraged to reach their potential and that it is the job of the coach to guide them through that process.  It is also the job of the player to train with discipline, be respectful and work hard towards their goals.  


Are you an outgoing person?  Experienced soccer player?  At UST we are always interested in adding to our paid house league staff.  If you would like to apply contact Coach Brendon at


Get involved and earn community volunteer hours while playing soccer.  We have a wide range of programs and opportunities available to you. Contact us!

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